What Moor Walkies can do for you and your pooch

We offer a range of dog walking services to accommodate you and your doggie, whether you want one walk per day or two, if you would prefer your doggie to be walked on its own for that extra bit of attention or with playmates, if you just want us to nip in to allow them to relieve themselves, feed them, play with your pooch or to simply just keep them company.  Anything to keep your pooch at their happiest!

Walking the extra Mile:

  • Each pooch will be picked up & dropped off as close to the specified times of our original meeting. We will walk each of your doggies on the lead, unless stated by yourself that they can run free (within reason of course!).
  • When your pooches are out with us, they will have another dog tag attached to their collar to specify that they are being walked by Moor Walkies, with our contact details on it.
  • You will receive a text message when your dog has been picked up and dropped off.
  • Every walk you will receive a photo of your beloved doggie whilst out on their walk.
  • When your pooch is dropped off they will be towel dried, given fresh water and (if allowed) given a little treat. Hopefully, they should be so tired from having an exciting walk with Moor Walkies that they will be dreaming of chasing rabbits and eating bones until you come home!

Moor Walkies also offers the following services:

  • Cat sitting/feeding
  • Small animal feeding
  • Pet taxi and vet trips.

VIP (Very Important Puppy)

For those new very important additions to the family, we also offer a puppy service.   No puppy wants to be or should be left on their own for hours at a time, so we will visit your puppy at home, in their own environment to make sure they feel safe, secure but most of all not lonely.

When we pop in we will:

  • Let them out to relieve themselves.
  • Feed them.
  • Clean up any little accidents.
  • Play with them.
  • Anything else to settle them into their new home life and routine.  That is until they’re allowed out for little walks to allow them to develop properly and eventually to be able to play with the big dogs!

Please contact us should you be interested in any of these services.