We believe it is important that you and your doggies like and respond well to us, therefore we offer our initial meeting for free.

Once you are satisfied that we are the right dog walker for you, we can familiarise with where your doggie lives, collect your house keys and sign all the necessary paperwork etc.  We also offer light housekeeping e.g. bringing in post, water plants etc. for no extra charge.

Group Walks

Moor Walkies will only take up to 5 dogs per group walk. This is to make sure that each pooch has our attention whilst we are out.

Dog Walking 1 hour – £10 per walk
Each Additional dog per household – £6 per walk

Small Animal Care

We will feed every day, change water, clean up little accidents and change cat litter.

Small Animal Care – £7.50 per visit

Puppy Visits

For your little pups who aren’t quite big enough to go walkies yet.

Puppy Visit 30 minutes – £7.00 per visit

Doggy Day Care

Your pooch will accompany us on our daily walks & when we’re not walking the doggies we let them take a little doggie nap or let them play in our secure garden.  Doggy Day-Care can be used for other occasions too, weddings, parties etc. (please contact us for more information)

Daily Rate – £20
Sat/Sun Rate – £25 per day

Puppy Walks

For when your puppy is old enough to start taking their first steps outside in the big wide world (this price continues until your puppy reaches 6 months old)Once your puppy has reached 6 months old the price will increased to £8 per visit or walk for 30mins.

Puppy Walk 30 minute – £7.00 per walk

Lock Out/Key Delivery

Should you have the unfortunate mishap of locking yourself out of your home, we will come out to your house and let you in.

This service is FREE throughout normal working hours, but £10 at all other times.

Individual Walks

For doggies who need to have that special one-to-one attention.

Dog Walk 30 minutes – £15.00 per walk

Pet Taxi / Vet Visits

In addition to the the visit or walk it is an extra £10.


Tuck In

For those of you who fancy a date night, a glass or three of wine after work or a trip to the theatre & don’t want your doggie left alone too long, we offer a ‘tuck in service’. We will pop in to see your pooch, give them a last run around, their evening meal & put them to bed for you.
Tuck In Service – £15